German was born in San Francisco, CA, and raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn. After completing high school he entered the workforce, holding jobs at companies such as Storage Technology as Store Manager, Sears-Roebuck Company, and Coney Island Hospital. German's most recent employment has been as a carpenter and construction worker, learning these skills from masters.

German fell upon hard times after being evicted from an illegally converted apartment in February 2014. After becoming homeless, German continued to work as he took shelter at night on the subway. After numerous engagements by the Bowery Resident's Committee, (BRC), German decided in December 2014 to accept services and leave life in the streets behind him.

German takes full advantage of the services and opportunities offered to him to better his life and is very appreciative of BRC for assisting him with a hand up in his life. German was fully engaged with the Through the Eyes of the Homeless initiative, which is evident in his beautiful photographic images. As German currently awaits permanent housing, he continues making progress as he sets his sights on classes for his OSHA certificate.