Lost in hard times, Janet overcame many obstacles that led her to the city she now calls home, The Big Apple.  

She relocated to Manhattan in the year 2000 and lived as good of a life as one could in her situation. For protection, Janet slept in one of the most secluded areas of Manhattan, making it difficult for outreach teams to find her.  Janet adapted to these unfortunate conditions by learning how to fend for herself. 

At times, food and resources were scarce, but it never stopped her from being appreciative and caring. Janet turned to her faith throughout her 15 years of homelessness and in the worst of times. Humbled and selfless, Janet still continues to remain active in her church and donates her limited income to several charities.

Janet really connected with both the camera and Deborah Feingold, her mentor photographer. Her photographic images reveal an artistic talent that was new to her and the Through the Eyes of the Homeless project allowed her to feel comfortable. As Janet mentioned, “When I am out shooting, it just feels right, and I am more focused and confident”.

In September, Janet moved into her own studio apartment. Here, she will be able to continue the life she deserves and will become a role model to homeless individuals nationwide. As Janet once said, “If it’s for the good and it is helping others, I’ll do it.”