As a native born New Yorker, Margie used the skills and defensive mechanisms instilled in her as a child to get her through 20 years of living on the streets and shelters of the beloved city she grew up in. As a woman living on the streets of New York City, Margie sought shelter on the subways for protection. She has learned to make positive connections with those around her and endorses the saying “treat others as you wish to be treated” as she goes about her everyday life.  Margie was an enthusiastic participant in Through the Eyes of the Homeless and had a wonderful time learning about photography and shooting images of NYC.

Margie has connected with the BRC Outreach Team and is eager to receive services and motivated to shift from a life on the subways, to a life indoors. Since connected, Margie has been proactive in taking the steps that have led her to be currently living in transitional housing, and eventually permanent housing in which she can call her own. Margie serves as an example to all individuals that you are not a product of your circumstances.